On "Run after Deer! by Arata Isozaki" in 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture - 建築系ラジオ
Recording Date: 31st of August, 2012
Recording Place: Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy
Recording Time: 18'46''
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PLAY 出演者:Valeria Lacovelli, Anna Brambilla, Marco Bersano and Tatsu Matsuda

This is an interview with Valeria Lacovelli, Anna Brambilla and Marco Bersano by Architectural Radio Japan on "Run after Deer! by Arata Isozaki" at Palazzo Bembo in the exhibition "Traces of Centuries and Future Steps" which is one of the collateral exhibition of 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture.


Valeria Lacovelli
Organisation and Associated Curator, Palazzo Bembo.

Anna Brambilla
Architect. Associate Curator and Workshop Assistant - Stichting Global Art Affairs Foundation.

Marco Bersano
Marco Bersano graduated with honor and "just in time" mention from architecture faculty of Genoa in 2011. He studied under Professor Marco Casamonti and begin cooperating with various architects firms already before graduating, including that of Enrico Frigerio (Renzo Piano collaborator) of Frigerio Design Group. From 2011 started collaboration with Arata Isozaki in Tokyo, joining several competitions and projects in China and Middle East. He's already employed there as Stuff and oversaw Isozaki's Exhibition in Venice Biennale 2012 "Run afterDeer". He published many articles in several news papers.

Tatsu Matsuda
Architect. Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo.

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