UIA2011 Tokyo: Interview with Little People Architects, Taiwan (24h Architecture Radio Japan) - 建築系ラジオ
Date: 24th September, 2011
Location: Nan'yodo Book shop, Jinbocho, Tokyo
Length of time: 22'26"
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File size: 16.2MB PLAY 出演者:Che Wang + Eric Yu + Tatsu Matsuda

Interview with Che Wang and Eric Yu, the members of the Little People Archtiects organized by Sotetsu Sha. They told about the the exhibition at the booth of the Kenchikukei Radio in Shin Minatomura, the special linked programme of Yokohama Triennale and the situation of the architects in young generation in Taiwan. (Tatsu Matsuda)

- Profile
LPA: Little People Architects
With the purpose to get the representative qualification of Taiwan pavilion of Venice Biennal of Architecture 2010, Sotetsu SHA, who is PH.D of the University of Tokyo, Organized a association with 5 young Architects those who are M-Arch1 graduated from Tung-Hai University (Taiwan), which named "LPA (Little People Architects)" . As One may know the name was inspired by "Little People" that written by Haruki Murakami on his famous novel "1Q84". "Little People "may means "Child/Immature/Anonymity ", nevertheless, the abbreviation "LP" means "Guts/Brave/Courageous" in the Context of Taiwanese. That is the reason we use "LPA" to be our name, and we would like to create something new that may break through the lag of architectural production system in Taiwan with our courage and passion for Architecture.

Che Wang (王喆)
Born in Taipei City in 1977. Received Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from National Chung Hsing University in 1999 and Master of Architecture I from Graduate School of Architecture of Tunghai University in 2005. After graduating, he was working in Kazuhiro Kojima's CAt in 2006~2007, David Tseng's CitiCrafts in 2007~2010 and was the Lecturer in FengChia University in 2009~2010. Now He is working in Daju Architect & Associates cooperating with Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects in the project: Taichung Metropolitan Opera House. He is interested in the Emptiness and Fluidity in Architecture. His own projects and participated projects had ever been exhibited or published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey, US and Japan.

Eric Yu (游承翰)
Born in Taipei in 1983. He holds a Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture from Fu Jen Catholic University and a Master's in Architecture I from Tunghai's Graduate School of Architecture. During his studies, he was the recipient of several academic awards in National and participative the design of 'Eco Ark' on National Geographic Channel in Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd. After graduation, he joined David Tseng's CitiCrafts in 2009 , Banmu Architect & Associates in 2010~2011. Now Eric is working as a Project Designer in 2BXL-Behet Bondzio Lin Architects.

Tatsu Matsuda
Architect. Core-member of Architecture Radio Japan.

Shin Minatomura


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